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Frank Lloyd Wright’s early work in Arizona Blended into South 202

Standing at intervals atop the sound wall between 40th and 48th streets, these custom-designed panels resembling fins are decorative accents inspired by some of modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s early work in Arizona. They’ve painted a reddish accent color that extends in a saw-toothed pattern down the sound wall and also appears on retaining walls, abutments and bridge barriers in the area.

Soundwalls; traffic interchanges;

These accents are a throwback to Wright’s design experimentations from his late 1920s desert winter encampment, known as the Ocatillo Settlement that was located about a half mile from the current freeway alignment near 32nd Street.

In 2019, South Mountain Freeway loop 202 will be in service. It will provide a direct connection between the East and West Valley while bypassing huge traffic of I-10 going through downtown.

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