Data Center Headquarter

After Apple built its two billion dollar data center in the East Valley, Google also announced its plan of investing one billion dollar in the East Mesa to build its datacenter last week.

The heat of building data center here in the metro Phoenix just got even hotter. Goodyear recently has become a choice location for data center users. Vantage and Stream Data Centers both announced plans this year in Goodyear.

Microsoft bought two huge swaths of land in the city to develop data centers. The tech giant also bought a third parcel in El Mirage to build data centers.

Compass also picked the Sun Valley for its data centers. In Goodyear, where Compass will build eight data centers totaling 1.8 million square feet.

American Express, Wells Fargo, DHL, the list goes on and on. These data centers have been already here in the nation’s data center headquarter – the Sun Valley!

This means more high pay jobs are pushing prices of the already heated residential housing market even higher!

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