Coronavirus Hits Housing Market – 3/12/2020

Over the Past Few Days, The Housing Market Took a Hit

Demand held up surprisingly well until the stock-market panic on Thursday, March 12. But with measures to slow the spread of coronavirus expanding to more cities, we expect that this Wednesday’s report will show a big drop in activity. Some buyers will see this as an opportunity to get the home of their dreams at a good price, with historically low mortgage rates. Others will wait until the end of the recession that has almost certainly begun.

Above is digested from Redfin’s article.

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Mortgage Interest rates – 3/10/2020

The impact of nearly free fall of the stock market owing to the worries over Cronoavirus outbreak here in the States, the mortgage interest rates reach new LOW.


30 Yr 3 to 3.25% APR 3.332
15 Yr 2.75 to 3% APR 3.135


30 Yr 2.8755% APR 3.6
15 Yr 3.125% APR 3,75

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