Perhaps you’re about to relocate to a new job, or are thinking of retiring. Maybe the kids have moved out and now you need less space – or you just had a baby and you need more. Whatever your circumstances, you want the sale of your home to go as smoothly possible – and within your ideal time frame and, of course, getting the best price possible. Selling a home becomes easier if you have some guidelines to follow – and us to call on.

To assist you in the process, we take care of all the detail for you:

  • Short Sale or other options
  • Solid Marketing Plan meeting your needs
  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • Adding value to your home
  • Appraisal and set the asking price
  • ARMLS Listing Package
  • Staging your home
  • Fliers and marketing campaign
  • Open house
  • Negotiating
  • Home inspection
  • Monitoring buyer’s performance
  • Closing
  • In case of short sale, we will be your representative to communicate with your lenders to secure the short sale approvals

During the change, let us share your load so you may focus on your next move.

Being an Short sale & Foreclosure Resource (SFR), I have helped many to sell or to buy through short sales. Due to the Anti-Deficiency Law of Arizona, many people let lenders foreclosed their properties in order to be protected by the Anti-Deficiency Law.

However, other people has individual needs for short sale no matter the reason is to avoid deep credit crunsh, shorten the time needed to regain their foot, adding many lenders streamlined the short sale process and willing to negotiate for the debt forgiving. Short sale is still a major avenue in today’s market when someone have to sell their properties.

Let me help if you are one of them and we will be your representative to communicate with your lenders to secure the short sale approvals before the The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act expires on 12/31/2013.

Find out more about your options, do’s and don’ts from the Short Sale Seller Advisory issued by Arizona Department of Real Estate.

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